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02 Oct 2020

IPPF Report: Innovating to provide abortion care during COVID-19

International Planned Parenthood Federation


Medical Abortion (MA), Self-administration, Surgical Abortion

During the COVID-19 pandemic, women are facing compounded barriers to accessing safe abortion care globally. The de-prioritization of sexual and reproductive health services, including abortion care, restrictions on movement, overwhelmed health systems, and fear of visiting health facilities have all created additional challenges for women to safely access safe abortion care.

However, recognizing the need to protect access to safe abortion care, and the need to adapt to do so, the current crisis has also sparked innovation among IPPF Member Associations.

Member Associations have developed new approaches to reach women with safe abortion information and care, while keeping women’s choice and quality of care at the centre of their work.

To capture this, IPPF have launched a new report, Innovating to provide abortion care during COVID-19, sharing some of the innovative approaches used to ensure continued access to quality abortion care during the pandemic.

To launch the report and mark International Safe Abortion Day, IPPF held a webinar to hear lessons from three Member Associations in Cameroon, Pakistan and Palestine, who have worked to adapt their models of abortion care during COVID-19. A recording of the webinar can be watched back here.

Download: Innovating to provide abortion care during COVID-19.

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Innovating to provide abortion care during COVID-19


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