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05 Jun 2019

Join the SafeAccess community: Share, Subscribe, Request, Contribute!

Marie Stopes International


Stigma, Toolkit, Training, Briefing, Women's rights, Job aid, Case study, New technologies, Converting unsafe services, Medical Abortion (MA), Surgical Abortion, Human Rights

With a growing opposition to reproductive rights, it is more important than ever that our community stands together in support of a woman’s right to safe abortion.

Recognising the challenge ahead, Marie Stopes International, Ipas, IPPF, SAAF and PSI have come together to launch SafeAccess.

Our aim is simple: to support women’s wellbeing globally, by putting evidence-based guidance on safe abortion and post-abortion care in the hands of change makers - frontline implementers and policy makers.

However, as the leaders of MSI, Ipas, IPPF and PSI shared in their SafeAccess launch statement, we know that we cannot work towards the elimination of unsafe abortion alone:

“Our community – as providers, advocates, decision makers and donors – need to come together in new partnerships to ensure safe abortion services are available; to remove the unnecessary barriers that stigmatise women and providers; and to realise the potential of new technologies to increase access.”

To achieve this, we need your help.

We want to ensure that SafeAccess is a useful and accessible resource for those who need the guidance most. To do this, we’re asking our readers, partners and community to help us in five ways:

  1. Share the platform: To help us reach those who need guidance on quality safe abortion and post-abortion care programming, please help us get the word out. Share the platform with your email networks, your colleagues, friends and followers, to help us make an impact!
  2. Subscribe to SafeAccess: To receive our community news and new resources straight to your inbox, subscribe to the SafeAccess mailing list.
  3. Request content: Are you facing a specific programmatic challenge that you would like guidance on overcoming? Or perhaps you’re seeking evidence to put together a policy brief? Get in touch and let us know what content you would find useful, either via the article comments section or via email.
  4. Contribute resources: Do you know of a quality resource, case study or briefing on safe abortion and/or post-abortion care? Our vision for SafeAccess is to create a home for guidance on safe abortion and post-abortion care, so if you know of resources that we haven’t yet highlighted, please do share them with us.
  5. Provide feedback! We would love to hear about whether you find the platform accessible and useful, or whether there are ways we could improve. Please do get in touch!

It is time to remove barriers to access, to put women at the centre of reproductive health programmes and to finally eliminate unsafe abortion. Join our community and help us get there, together!

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